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  • Puremco Spinner Double 9 Dominoes 11Wild Tiles in Collectible Tin

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    Spinner Dominoes

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    Spinner Dominoes is the original Texas Wild Domino Game.

    This is the classic game crafted in Abilene, Texas in 1983.

    Spinner is a combination of the best domino games for from 2 to 8 players.

    A dynamic Double 9 domino game of 55 dominoes with 11 extra Spinner dominoes that are emblazoned with the bold Spinner symbol making it wild and therefore playable anywhere. It adds speed, flexibility and fun to keep the game moving!

    You receive a total of 66 high quality color-coded Dominoes.

    Primarily an adult game, Spinner is a quick-learn for young children to play alone or along with their adult loved ones. It takes only a few minutes to learn making it a perfect mixer for any gathering of folks who have never played the game before.

    Includes: 66 Dominoes (color-coded, molded resin, Ivory Colored Tiles) standard domino size, Spinner Score Pad, Official Spinner Rules all packaged is a very sturdy tin box.